I have been using Puriosity’s Lavender body wash for a while now and I absolutely love it! I once ran out and was forced to buy another "natural" body wash and nothing compares to Anya's. It lathers up better than anything than I have ever used and it makes my skin so soft, I can't live without it. - Anna, New River


I just love the body wash. It leaves my skin so soft; I don’t even have to use lotion. - Monique


I have tried many of the department store brands, as well as, popular store brands, and I have never found anything that worked so well on my skin. I love the Nourish face Oil  it is the perfect amount of moisture for my skin. Doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, absorbs right in, and leaves my skin soft and moisturized all day. - Lily


The True Magic Foot Butter is wonderful. It really works like magic on my feet, and the scent is refreshing. I like to use it often because I live in hot weather most of the year I wear flip flops a lot and True Magic really helps. - Michael


I like Puriosity’s Citrus Bliss body wash It makes you feel clean but it is not drying on your skin. It foams really nice, and smells great. It wakes you up with its rejuvenating scent. - Nick


The foot butter really works and it leaves your feet feeling soft, not oily or grainy. It stays on your feet you can feel it working it’s very moisturizing. - Nick

Thank You Puriosity products for a body mist with a scent that takes me Home! I love using “Happiness". It smells so good and it's so mild, that I spray even spray it on my face (eyes closed of course) when I'm stressing. - Gloria


If anyone is looking for a foot butter to soothe dry heals, try Puriosity’s foot butter. It’s not greasy and it keeps my heels smooth between pedicures. - Gloria


I have really bad acne, big breakouts. I have tried everything from Proactive to stuff they sell at any drugstore. Nothing works! UNTIL NOW. I have used Puriosity’s clarity, and I can confidently say I now have control of my acne. I love the acne clarity oil. I had really picked my face and my skin was super upset, overnight there was less swelling and redness and the breakouts had decreased significantly. Whew, what a relief. One less thing to worry about! - Stephanie


I am a lip balm addict and the dry air doesn't help matters. From the first day I used the Puriosity’s lip balm I noticed that I didn’t need to reapply it as often. My lips were soft and it kept them soft and protected much longer than any other lip balm I had used before! Good bye Ol' chap hello Puriosity! - Karen