At Puriosity, our products are made with the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients creating exquisite body care products that contain a wide spectrum of nourishing compounds.  Our products are highly concentrated, more economical, create less waste, and use renewable packaging.  Incredible and long lasting formulas created to keep you looking healthy, fresh, and naturally beautiful everyday of your life.  Pure goodness from nature’s bounty.

Our unique combinations of genuine 100% natural & certified organic ingredients are carefully selected for their proven ability to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Active plant ingredients are highly dynamic and exhibit therapeutic effects. Plant oils are far superior to petroleum, and they help to replenish the skin. Essential oils improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and regenerate the skin.  Puriosity products use active plant ingredients that are beneficial to skin regeneration, aim at maintaining or restoring the natural functions of the skin, and with continued use have healing benefits.

One hundred percent pure unadultured essential oils are distinguished by an extraordinary diversity of substances that only nature can produce.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent oils extracted from plants, leaves, flowers, roots, buds, twigs, heartwood, bark, resin, seeds, and fruit.  Each essential oil has its own blueprint that is absolutely unique. Essential oils are the purest and highest form of the plant structure. Essential oils provide a concentrated dose of nature’s vast pharmacological active ingredients in a single drop of oil.

Healthy skin is your first line of defense for a healthy body.  You eat organic foods to avoid many of the chemicals found in commercial foods.  Now you can do the same for your skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body; it will absorb 60%- 70% of what we put on it. Most skincare companies use numerous synthetic additives that not only weaken your natural defense systems, but can cause skin irritations, rashes, and allergies. Synthetic substances used in some cosmetics today may have a negative or toxic effect on the skin with prolonged use.  The body cannot utilize these substances nor can your skin.  These toxic ingredients do not participate in any natural or healthy skin process.

At Puriosity, we offer products that get results without the toxins.  We use simple, plant-based ingredients, and borrow from the wisdom of nature by using pure essential oils as our active ingredients. The use of pure essential oils promotes wellbeing and healing.  Our formulas incorporate powerful aromatherapy blends which stimulate the senses and help to bring balance and harmony to your spirit. We believe beautiful skin starts with pure and nourishing ingredients that leave the skin regenerated, healthier, younger looking, feeling better, with visible results.

Our luscious body washes, luxurious body lotion, and fragrant natural oils and creams are infused with natural, organic, nourishing plant derived ingredients. We skip the toxic chemicals, preservatives, and fillers. Puriosity, 100% natural chemical free products that contain the purest, highest quality ingredients available. No hidden ingredients, just solid standards! Be good to yourself; pamper your body with a complete line of body care, naturally!

Positively without: Harsh detergents, petrochemicals, parabens, GMOS, synthetic additives.





100% Natural ~ Chemical Free


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Cruelty Free, no animal testing

Pure ingredients

100% Certified Organic Pure essential oils

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